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Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA)

March 2023


1 - 2 Minutes

Generation Z Sets to Work - What Does This Mean for Payments and Banking?

At the start of year, Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA) identified ten trends that are set to shape the payments landscape over 2023.

In this paper, we take a deep dive into the first of those trends – Generation Z sets to work – by looking how it is impacting payments, the changes we are already seeing in the marketplace, and the type of responses financial institutions should be considering.

We’ll work through the remaining nine trends month-by-month with similar deep dive papers, so stay tuned for insights on: Sustainable spending; B2B goes 3.0; web3 technologies matter; guarding against fraud; mobile wallets are becoming universal; open banking picks up the pace; embedded finance transformation; gig economy boom; and a BNPL shift is underway.

For more insights, please read our full Opinion Paper. If you’d like an in-depth conversation on Gen-Z and the opportunities for your business, please contact your Visa Account Executive, or email
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