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December 2022


5 - 6 Minutes

2022: The Year in 10 Articles

Innovation has not stood still in 2022, and the payments sector was no exception. Rapidly evolving technologies, such as AI, open banking and biometric authentication benefited both merchants and consumers as they drove progress towards seamless and more secure payments. Visa’s role has been integral to this development, as its Innovation centres continue to spearhead transformational ideas across CEMEA.

Elsewhere, we saw the legacy of digitization – accelerated during the pandemic period – continue to affect changes in retail. Consumers explored BNPL and embraced mobile and ecommerce in new ways as part of an omni-channel experience. Meanwhile, Visa bolstered retail customers’ security through technologies like Tokenization and EMV 3-D Secure.

And as 2023 approaches, we look back on what we can learn from these trends and the challenges and opportunities that await.

How Dubai’s Innovation Center Paves the Way for the Future of Payments

Hear from Akshay Chopra, Vice President, Head of Innovation and Design at Visa CEMEA, on the realization of Visa’s vision to develop the Dubai Innovation center into a hub of commerce; providing individuals, businesses and economies the access they need to grow and thrive. The Innovation centre has been an ideal platform for partners and clients to develop and leverage existing technologies.

How AI Unlocks Intelligent Payments at Scale

Visa CEMEA’s Head of Processing, Open Banking and RTP Solutions, Guzide Koksal, explores how security, speed, personalization, and behavior are driving digital payments system. In today’s competitive consumer environment, what links these crucial elements is, increasingly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the benefits that it brings, such as its predictive abilities.

Elevating the Shopping Experience

In this podcast, Charles Lobo, Visa’s Regional Risk Officer for CEMEA, discusses how Visa is mitigating risk with technologies like Tokenization and EMV 3-D Secure and how that enables Visa’s clients and partners to maintain a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

What’s Driving BNPL’s Popularity?

As mobile and ecommerce outpace in-store shopping, demand for buy-now-pay later (BNPL) options have increased for merchants and consumers, who are attracted by simple payment terms and zero-interest rates. In this article, Visa contemplates the rapidly evolving BNPL landscape across CEMEA fueled by a digital-first mindset.

How Biometric Authentication is Revolutionizing Payments

Here, Akshay Chopra, Vice President, Head of Innovation & Design for CEMEA at Visa, is joined by PopID CEO, John Miller, to discuss how facial biometric authentication is revolutionizing the way we make payments and what this means for consumers. Akshay also speaks on the launch of PopPay - a secure, universal platform that enables businesses to give their customers and employees the option of authenticating their identity through consumer-initiated facial recognition.

In Conversation with Visa’s Chief Economist

How likely is a global recession, and might some countries be more prone to downturns than others? In this podcast, we ask Wayne Best, Chief Economist at Visa, to share his thoughts and reflections on the current global economic landscape. Wayne also examines the impetus behind some key changes in consumer payment preferences, and shares insights on Gen Z as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Retail’s Leap Forward

Walter Lironi, CEMEA’s Head of Visa Consulting and Analytics, shares his expert perspective on retail's leap forward and key trends shaping the future of commerce. In conversation, he discusses how spending levels have returned to pre-pandemic levels, expectations of Gen Z consumers and the pivot from ecommerce to “Quick commerce”.

How Smartphones are Transforming the Omni-channel Experience

Whether in-store or online, shoppers across CEMEA are increasingly using mobile devices to meet all their retail needs. Shaz Iqbal, Head of CyberSource for Visa CEMEA, explores how merchants can leverage innovation and technology to drive sales, boost loyalty, and reduce consumer friction.

Game On: The Intersection of Paying and Playing

The global community of online gamers is expected to exceed three billion people in 2022. In this paper, Visa Consulting & Analytics investigates the key facets of the online gaming market, including the consumer base, revenue models, integration of payments, challenges and opportunities for payments businesses in the gaming landscape.

The Future of Payments in Open

Open banking has generated plenty of hype in recent years, but what do professionals think of its industry-changing potential? Each year, Tink, Europe’s leading open banking platform, surveys senior executives in financial services on their attitudes to open banking. Their 2022 report, which surveyed almost 400 finance leaders, outlines the momentum of open banking, where challenges lie, and the steps industry can take to address them.

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